Rectilinear Compositions

20 Rectilinear Compositions


These are my first 20 rectilinear composition models.

Things I’ve learned so far:

  • Each piece should be moving in its own axis. Pieces that are in the same axis take away from the appeal of the model as a whole.
  • Waiting for the rubber cement to air out before sticking the pieces together creates a faster bond.
  • Negative space should be taken into consideration when making each model.
  • The dominant piece is not always the biggest piece.
    • likewise, the subordinate piece is not always the smallest piece.


Second Set of Rectilinear Forms

What I’ve Learned:

  • I have incorporated the use of wedging, cradling, and piercing throughout these twenty models.
    • These jointing techniques are much more visually appealing than simply doing a butt joint.
  • Varying the thickness of the foam is essential for distinguishing the subordinate, subdominant, and dominant forms.

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