Adhesive Tests

Adhesive Test



Test Results:

  1. Hot Glue: Hot glue was very easy to use. It dries quickly which allows for quick model making. The only set back would be that if too much hot glue is used, it will melt the foam.
  2. Tacky Glue: Tacky glue had a similar viscosity to Elmers Glue. It took about 30 minutes to dry, but once it did, it created a strong bond.
  3. Mars Black Golden Paint: The Mars Black Golden Paint was meant to be my experimental test. I had low expectations for the paint holding as an adhesive but I was quite surprised when I tried to pull the pieces apart. Just from trying to pull them apart, the paint seemed to be just as strong as the tacky glue. It took about an hour to dry so I will most likely not be using paint as an adhesive in the future.
  4. Rubber Cement: Rubber cement was the adhesive that I had the most expectations for. Within a few minutes of application, the rubber cement had already hardened and created a very strong bond.
  5. Double Sided Tape: Double sided tape was a very fast adhesive since there is no drying time. The thickness of the tape is probably the biggest setback since it creates a 1/16th inch gap between the foam pieces. Also, since tape tends to lose its stickiness over time, double sided tape will not be a very practical adhesive.

Results: After testing all five of these adhesives, rubber cement is my adhesive of choice. Its fast drying time and strong bond make it perfect for this project.


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