Hand and Figure Sketches

Figure Sketches


No. 1:

  • This drawing is number one because the proportions of each body part seem accurate, and the perspective is believable. The size and thickness of the body parts are also fairly accurate.


No. 2:

  • The skater comes in at  number 2 because the chest and hip perspective is accurate and believable. The angle of the head is also helps explain the figures body positioning. The arms and legs are skinny which gives it a cartoon-ish look but it is still a proportionally accurate drawing.


No. 3:

  • The tennis player is ranked as number 3 because it has a fairly decent perspective, but there are some things that make the figure look disproportional. The head is a bit too high off of the chest, and the leg positioning looks slightly awkward. Overall though, the leg and arm proportions seem normal.


No. 4:

  • The surfer is ranked as number 4 because of the elongated chest, with disproportionate arms and legs. The legs should be longer to compensate for the length of the chest. Besides the proportions, the perspective is believable, and the background gives an enjoyable context to the scene.


No. 5:

  • The bench pressing figure is number 5 mainly due to the positioning and proportions of the arms. They seem very stretched out, and are not as believable as they should be. The perspective is fairly well done but it could be made better.


Hand Sketches


No. 1:

  • The hand with scissors is the number one hand drawing due to the accuracy in proportions and perspective. It is a somewhat difficult angle to draw, but this image is very believable. I drew this image by using my hand as a reference which is most likely why it is my most accurate drawing.


No. 2:

  • The hand holding a sub is my second best hand drawing because of the accurate finger proportions and perspective. The structure is also visible which adds interest to the image because it shows the drawing process. Unrelated to the ranking, I was also very proud of the way I related a sub sandwich to a battle submarine.


hand 1

No. 3:

  • This simple image of the hand is fairly believable which is why it is ranked as number 3. It has no object to interact with which is why it is lower on my ranking scale, but it is still an accurate representation of a relaxed hand.


No. 4:

  • The hand holding a spoon was ranked number 4 because it is somewhat difficult to understand due to the perspective. The structure of the hand was drawn in light pencil but it does not give much context as to where the fingers are.


Hand 2

No. 5:

  • This image of the hand is ranked number 5 because of the strange and unbelievable proportions. It was meant to be a drawing of a relaxed hand, but the finger positioning makes it appear to be in motion. The palm of the hand is also a bit larger than the fingers, and the finger positioning is disproportionate to the palm. This was my first drawing of a realistic hand, so it is a good image to relate the progress that I have made with my drawings.

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