Orthoform Workshop

First Orthoform


About Orthoforms:

This workshop involved taking a 2x4x10 inch block of maple wood, and rearranging the form to create a different, continuous form by using only three cuts. My three cuts consisted of angular, and compound angle cuts. The placement of each block was completely up to me, but it was crucial in developing the balanced form of my object.

What I’ve Learned:

Besides from the mechanical skills like cutting compound angles, and gluing angular pieces together, I also learned a lot about form and compositional choices. As much as I would like to say that I planned having a clear hierarchy in my design, it ended up to be somewhat unintentional. With that said, it was my intention to use a small piece to create some interest to the continuous form. Similar to the linear composition forms, my orthform has distinct dominant, subdominant, and subordinate forms. So perhaps this design was induced by my repeated practice in form hierarchy.

When I received this task, I was told to make a handful of sketches of different shapes and forms. Yet, I found that figuring out the positioning of these cuts was too difficult to recreate on paper (especially as a visual thinker). So I almost immediately went to creating foam models. Once I created something satisfying,  I asked my self, “how could I make this better?” So after creating five more variations of this form, I finally found one that I was proud of. This taught me a lot about myself and my ideation process. I learned that sometimes it is important to not get stuck on the ideation process and just create models without any set plan. This technique allowed me to be more creative as well as gave me a different viewpoint that I otherwise would never have seen.


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