2nd Illuminated Volumes

Illuminated Models:

Triangle Light

Diamand Light

green cube

Star Cube Remake

During my first round of Illuminated volumes,  I took this picture of a cube model that appeared to be far more complex then it was. (the cube on the right is the same cube in the image on the left).

Paper Point Cube 1  First Star Cube

I was so intrigued by the shape that I had created through this image that I began to try to recreate it.

I started off with trying to understand what the shape looked like in a three dimensional view.

sketches 2 sketches 1

I then went into small scale rough fidelity paper models.

Beginning ideation

I used a cardboard cube that I had previously created to form as a base while I tried to figure out the angles and measurements.

First scale model

Once I had the majority of the measurements, I quickly stuck them together with tape.

Cube base

Working out connections

The first full paper model

Medium Fidelity model

I then started to figure out how to bind the volume together without using tape, I needed to have some overlapping pieces so that the glue can hold them both in place.

Hexa drawing


Once the binding pieces had been measured out, I began by building the base of the form and then adding on each individual piece.  After hours of sketching, trial and error, and stacks of Bristol paper, I was able to recreate the volume that was portrayed in the image.


Final Model

       Final Photograph

Star cube

Image Comparison

Paper Point Cube 1  Star cube


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