Observational Inspiration Write-up

At the start of this project, we decided to pick a fruit that was unordinary and visually interesting. While at Wegmans Supermarket, I came across a strange looking fruit called a cherimoya. It was about the size of a large apple and it had an almost scale like skin, that appeared to flow across the entire fruit like a very thick goo. The inside however, did not live up to the expectations of its outer skin. It had a pear like consistency, with seeds scattered throughout the fruit in a random pattern. With such a bland interior, we decided to focus on the outer skin of the cherimoya. While holding the cherimoya, we realized that the scales would fit almost perfectly into the hand. This aspect inspired us to focus more on the ergonomics of our utensil.

In the early stages of concept development, I did not have a specific utensil in mind, I was mainly focusing on the ergonomics of various handles. While designing numerous amounts of handles, I realized that the flowing form of these ergonomic designs were very similar to the flowing ridges that covered the cherimoya. I decided to focus on this idea and incorporate it into various utensil shapes.

While looking through all of my utensil concepts, I was attracted to a pair of tongs that had a beautiful curvilinear form. These tongs were lacking a sense of ergonomics, and since that was one of our main inspirations, we began to develop models that incorporated our formal and ergonomic inspiration. After creating multiple models, we finally made one that was satisfying in both aspects. Our final design incorporated flowing curves into every aspect of the form. The handle slopes down at the contact point of the thumb and index finger, creating a shape that was very similar to the ergonomic scales on the cherimoya. All though the function of our utensil is not involved in the process of eating the cherimoya, all though our final utensil does not function with the cherimoya, there is still a strong connection between the inspiration of these formal elements.


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