Second Dissection: Cherimoya


Cherimoya 1 shoppedFrom the outside, the Cherimoya looks like an intriguing fruit. The skin has a scale-like texture, which gives it a strong appearance.

Cherimoya 2 shopped copy

After making the first cut, I realized how soft the skin truly was. The texture could be related to that of a pear. Yet, unlike the interesting skin, the inside of the fruit is rather plain.

Cherimoya 3 shopped

There are seeds scattered throughout the entire fruit, with no apparent pattern or position. With such a plain inside structure, I decided to focus on the interesting part of the fruit.

Cherimoya 4 shopped   The interesting pattern on the skin also creates perfect indentations for the fingers, which made it feel very ergonomic. All though it was not the intended function of the cherimoya, it fits the hand quite well.

Abstract Drawings:


Abstract 5


Abstract 4


Abstract 3


Abstract 2


Abstract 1


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