Spaghetti Tong Models

 Spaghetti Tong Models:

We narrowed our tongs to be specifically used for pastas or spaghetti. We researched the design of the tong and found that the fingers should be skinny and more shallow so that the pasta does not get stuck in the gaps. We are focusing on the ergonomic aspect of the cherimoya, while incorporating the curvature of its skin into the form of the tong.

The joint of these tongs are all created from sections of a plastic tea bottle, which acts as a perfect solution for an accurate and functional depiction of a tong joint.

Spaghetti Tongs 1Spaghetti Tongs 1 holdingSpaghetti Tongs 2 Spaghetti Tongs 2 holding Spaghetti Tongs 3 Spaghetti Tongs 3 holding


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