Meditative Moldings: Veneer Knife Block

Gestural Yoga Sketches

Sketch Models: We took inspiration from our gestural sketches with these sketch models. We wanted to focus on household items for our object. Since these items are used throughout someones life almost daily, having them designed with a curving/calming form could bring relaxation to someone in their every day activities.

Sketch Model 1 Sketch Model 2 Sketch Model 3 Sketch Model 4 Sketch Model 5 Sketch Model 6 Sketch Model 7 Sketch Model 8 Sketch Model 9 Sketch Model 10

Cardboard Models: 

CB Model 6 CB Model 5CB Model 4 CB Model 3 CB Model 2 CB Model 1

Design Boards:




Ideation Board

Final Photos: We decided to go forward with a knife block for a few reasons. When I was researching household objects, I was scrolling through images for inspiration and of course a knife block eventually came up. The majority of these designs were flat and cubic, and since we were trying to design a curving, flowing piece, it seemed like a good opportunity to make something that has not been seen before. This piece also has a metaphorical meaning. Since it was designed with the intention of being meditational, its almost contradicting since its meant to contain such sharp, delicate objects. But this contrast between the sharp knives and the relaxing form creates a beautiful balance that can be related back to meditation.

Final Knife Picture back

Final Knife Picture


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